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Cough for 10 weeks now, What is wrong with me?+Week log of illness, please help!

Dear reader,

I have had a cough/wheeze for the past 10 weeks.  I am currently on day 74-75 of this.  It started after I recovered from a sinus infection that slightly went into my chest/bronchitis.  It could be considered post-infectious...but it has now lasted months.  I have a lot of information in this posted topic, but my question would be merely, "Do you have any information that can help me relating to what I am experiencing, or do you know what may be wrong with me?"

It comes and goes, some days it is very bad, others it is only a slight cough. It is preventing me from finding a job and living my life well.  My inhalers more often than not will only make me cough worse.  I have always been able to use my abuteral, but now it just makes me cough even worse for 1-2 days.  

My chest X-rays came back completely fine and did not show signs of pneumonia.  My pulmonary lung function test went well;  my allergist does not say it is asthma related.  My primary physician is trying to get me into a pulmonoligist, but I have an HMO and it is taking a very while for my insurance to decide to cover it.

Here is my medical background and a week log of my symptoms and medications taken.

If anyone knows what this could be, or what I should be looking into/considering, I would be extremely appreciative.  I just want my health/life back.

Background: Seasonal asthma only, severe allergies, I have been undergoing  allergy shot treatment to increase immunity for 2 years.  3-5 sinus infections a year from ages 13-18/bronchitis once a year.  Now only 1-2 sinus infections a year.  Bronchitis once a year.  Pneumonia twice in my life, once at age 7, once at 18.  Currently 20 years old.

Log of illness and medications taken for infections/inflammation.

Week 1 Sinus infection, onset of post-infectious cough. Treated with Levaquin for sinus infection (I'm fairly immune to a lot of sinus infection medication from being on it too much.)

Week 2 Cough continues and I have a wheeze when I exhale or after I cough, I was put on methylprednisolone(PREDNISONE) pack, 4mg tablets, 6 the first day, 5 the second, 4 the third, 3 the fourth, 2 the fifth, 1 the sixth.  My cough started getting better after 2 days. There were 2 days it was completely gone...and then...

Week 3 Onset of another sinus infection, put on 10 days of ciproflaxin to ensure it stays away, and another prednisone pack to help remove cough that came back after the infection went into my chest again.

Week 4 Prednisone pack did not help this time.  Cough and breathing issues continue

Week 5 Cough and breathing issues continue

Week 6 Clear/white chest congestion begins, and my cough disappears for 7 days during this onset of congestion.

Week 7 Cough and breathing issue while exhaling comes back, congestion continues.

Week 8 Cough and breathing issue continues, amount of chest congestion increases. Put on prednisone 10mg 4 times a day, taken for 5 days, did not help cough even from the start, even though it was an increased dosage of a previously seemingly effective medication.  

Week 9 Cough and breathing issue continues, amount of chest congestion is still increased.

Week 10 Start of a Zithromax pack to destroy any possible bacterial issues.  Cough and breathing issues are slightly decreased on day 2 of medication compared to 3 days before.    Chest congestion is extremely minimal now but started being this way a day before I started medication.  Hopefully these are good signs.

If anyone has any information, however big or small.  PLEASE contact me! I am desperate to get better and understand what may be going on.

In the meantime the doctors seem to think it is viral, I have a chest congestion sample that was sent to a lab that I am waiting for the results of as well.  

Replying to this post works, or please message me on this website.

Thank you for your time and effort.


Kyle N.
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Have them check and place you on fungal medicine for a while.  As much antibiotics and prednisone that you have taken.,, not surprised if your condition turned into a fungal infection.

Your episodes seems like it comes and goes.Which could be due to FOOD Allergies!  Many years ago, I use to get many sinus infections and bronchitis too.  I layed off of ALL Diary Products and haven't been bothered by the condition for years now.  That means all cheese ! No slice of cheese on a sandwich.   Milk!  Even a small cup of milk in cereal!  Use juice instead in cereal.   NO ICE CREAM!    
Stay OFF of all diary Products for several weeks and see if that helps.  And slowly ease back into the diary and see if your sinus condition comes back.
Many times the diary can cause a fungal condition in your system.
Drink plenty of water through out the day.  This will also help thin the mucus  for the  bronchitis and sinus.problem.
Take plenty of vitamin C and Olive Leaf Extract.

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