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Cough inflamed airway

Hi have Ada a cough for 4 months since November last year seen doctors specialist etc , but I notice it feels like my Tracea is on fire ( just below neck) anyone else have this ?
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Coughs cause irritation to the airway and throat.  Have you spoken to your doctor about anxiety?
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Yes but I don’t think it can cause this irritation can it ?
Well, you've been to the doctor many times, you have a lingering cough and have had fears of diseases and have asked lots of very similar questions.  I wonder if you have health anxiety.  This doesn't mean you don't have a cough but for many, coughs do linger.  And it is not a scary diagnosis.  You should continue to work with your doctor but while doing so, if it were me, I'd consider the psychological aspect and what role it plays in your long standing health worry.
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Should probs get pfts and chest ct.
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