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Coughing and extreme halitosis post general anesthesia

I am asthmatic.  My tonsils were removed about 5 years ago.  I was recently put under general anesthesia for a minor surgery.  It has been over 3 weeks and I am still coughing with extreme halitosis.  It has the similar taste and disgust as food casts that I had from large tonsils before they were removed.  I gargle but it does not seem to help.  The problem appears deep in my lungs as I only taste the bad breath after a deep cough.  I always cough up mucas because I am asthmatic, and I note that it is still clear.  It does not smell in my Kleenex, only when I am coughing it up.
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It sounds like you may have aspirated while under the general anesthesia for a minor surgery over 3 weeks ago.  This aspirated material, probably food, is still in one or both lungs.  This could cause bronchitis, pneumonia or even lung abscess.  You should report this to your doctor.  This may show up on a chest x-ray.
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