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Coughing for more than a month

I'm 15 male having a hard time this and the previous month with coughing.
I have visited countless doctors, each time with a different and (with my knowledge) inaccurate diagnosis.
My symptoms started a month ago when i had a fever, throat pain, coughing up yellow mucus and a runny nose, so i decided to visit my doctor which prescribed Klacid 500 mg (Clarithromycin), which i took and after a few days the runny nose stopped and my throat no longer hurt, however, i was still caughing, which a follow-up to my doctor gave me Valdocef (Cefadroxil) which i also took but the cough remained. After the third time for a follow-up at my doctor i was prescribed Hemomycin (Azithromycin) which i also took but didn't stop the cough. The doctor sent me to do a x-ray of my lungs and the diagnosis was pneumonia both sides. Next check up the doctor found it strange and sent me to get Dexamethasone injections for 3 days. The cough did not stop. After the injections i was sent to do a blood test which confirmed that my number of leukocytes was higher than normal. The doctor wanted to prescribe another antibiotic Pancef (Cefixime) which i refused to take because of the abnormal prescriptions of antibiotics. After a week a blood test confirmed that my number of leucocytes was normal, and that it was probably high because of Dexamethasone, however, i was still coughing with no other symptoms. After that we visited a visited the hospital where we did a ultrasound of the lungs, and the radiologist said that everything is fine and had a pretty bad attitude. After that we paid a visit to a private pulmonologist which did a spirometry which was better than normal and confirmed i did not have asthma. She prescribed Nasonex 2x2, Ipratropium bromide inhalation and Levocetirizine for 10 days. A follow up 10 days later, i was still coughing and she then prescribed Narivent which was so disgusting that i almost puked from it and Prospan (Hedera helix syrup). This did not help, yet again, and i was still coughing. Third follow up after 10 days was prescribed Nasonex again, salt water and a seretide inhaler. We did not want to purchase the inhaler and decided to find another doctor because spirometry confirmed i did not have asthma and i'm not coughing like someone with asthma does.
We visited a clinic specialized for the throat, nose and ear, where the doctor said that my nose was pale and had mucus, and i was prescribed Avamys (fluticasone) and Aerius (Desloratadine) which i felt better after taking, i wasn't coughing as much as before.
Then i was taking those for about 3 days when i caught a cold again, runny nose, fever, cough and throat pain, again coughing up yellow (greenish) mucus. This time we went to another pulmonologist which diagnosed me with Tracheobronchitis, Morbus refluxualis gastro-oesophageus, Sinusitis acuta alia, Tussis but she also gave ma diagnosis Asthma so she can prescribe me montelukast and Prednisone.
I'd really like a second opinion about this, as every doctor says differently and i'm tired of this literally, and also i apologize for my bad language as English is not my native speaking language.
Please let me know if you need any more information.
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