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Coughing while on phone

I'm a healthy male who seldom coughs unless I'm on the phone.  When I try to talk, I almost always have a dry cough every 30 seconds or so.  It's really strange. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

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This is certainly unusual. Does this occur when you talk to others when not on the telephone? Does this occur during the day and/or night? Does this occur only in one particular location?
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sounds like a nervous habit.  Similar to a twitch.
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It only happens when I talk on the phone, not in normal conversation and I don't think it is restricted to any particular phone or location.  I suppose it could be nervous twitch, but it even happens when I talk to my wife!  Maybe it's "telephobia".
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Maybe it has to do with the receiver too close to the mouth. Have you tried using a speaker phone to see if you cough then?
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