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Could I be having a reaction to Advair?

In Sept I started Advair.  Within 5 days my voice was high pitched and my head was stuffy.  I took it for 1 week (now 24 puffs) and I had a sinus infection with ear infections and bronchitis.  I stopped the Advair and started cefuroxime & methylprednisolone along with mucinex.  After this regimen I was not any better.  The Dr. then prescribed augmentin and hycodan syrup.  I've had a chest x-ray that was negative. Now it is December, I still have the bronchitis/sinusitis along with laryngitis.  I cannot speak at all, still coughing/gagging from drainage/scratchy throat/congested head.  So now the Dr has prescribed the z-Pac and has scheduled me with an allergist.  I have mentioned the Advair several times and wonder if this didn't cause my problems since it all started within five days of first puff.
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