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Could I have been misdiagnosed?

Hey,I hope someone that reads this can help.I would go to the doctor but lack insurance so I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out.Here's my story: I was a healthy 20 y/o in 2006 and just woke up one morning unable to catch my breath.It progressively got worse over the course of 4 days so I went to the ER and was told that I either had asthma or anxiety and was given an inhaler.I noticed it wasn't working after trying for a week so I made an appointment with my doctor.After hooking me up to an ekg he said something was wrong and sent me for a series of test including an eco,ct-scan,and finally a stress test.I was first told that there was nothing wrong,then that I had heart disease.I was depressed for 2 months thinking that I was about to die when I received a call saying that I had pulmonary hypertension and referred to a lung doctor.I was told that there wasn't any treatment until it got to the point where I couldn't walk more than 50 feet.I gave up and went home to wait for death.luckily after approx. 1 year I woke up and my breathing was normal.I was symptom free for the next 7 years,able to do P90X and jog 1-2 miles a few times a week.However about 2 months ago I was going through a lot of stress,ended up in an argument and had a heart palpitation.A few days later I woke up unable to catch my breath again.The reason I am wondering if I was misdiagnosed is because I am out of breath while sitting at times,and it doesn't get much worse regardless of how far I walk and other than feeling unable to catch my breath I am not experiencing any other symptoms of PH.I have been researching anxiety disorders and seem to have more of those symptoms.A crazy example is that I can get deep breaths at times just by repeatedly making myself yawn.Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated,even if it's just to say that I am crazy,because I do feel that way at times due to these issues.Thanks for reading.
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Hi Carter

Sorry to hear of your difficulties but you posted your question in the Hepatitis C Community. I am not sure where you would want to ask your question, but this group is primarily concerned with issues related to hepatitis c and liver disease.

Good Luck
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Thanks.I realized once I had posted that my search had brought me here where someone had hepatitis and pulmonary hypertension.I was going to remove it but couldn't figure out how and have been to focused on figuring out what's wrong with me.
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Sounds like anxiety panic attacks brought on by stress or allergies.
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