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Cricopharyngeal spasm

i dont really have a question but i have had a lump in the throat sensation for a long time as well i cant exactly remember for how long but its been awhile. i am 19 and i do smoke i originally thought that since i smoke that it could be cancer but i found that if it was cancer you wouldnt be able to feel the lump. I have had the lump that wont go away at all during the day. no matter what i tried i couldnt get anything to come out of my throat after gagging and being on the verge of vomiting. well i found a sight that had a few answers and they said to ask your doctor about Cricopharyngeal spasms. its that muscle that closes off some of the plumbing in the throat to prevent regergitation after eating. it doesnt really show up on a whole lot of tests. its one of those things that you are actually looking for this illness. i know how irritating this lump feeling is but he recommended that you try drinking a warm cup of tea or anything warm for that matter as long as it has no caffiene in it as it will help to relax that muscle. if you talk to your doc and thats what the problem is then they will give you a few muscle relaxants to check and make sure that it is these spasms before giving you a bunch of these pills. im no doctor i just found this useful bit of info and figured that maybe it would help you guys out.
Im tired of this damn lump

This discussion is related to Phlegm build up in throat (Sinuses Clear).
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