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Difficult to breath after physical activity GERD? Asbestosis?

Hi. I've been having breathing difficulties for more than a year. If I walk a short distance in cold weather, I struggle to breath properly and can be accompanied with wheezing. The worst attack came after I ate Chinese food with Salt sprinkled on the chips. I had to go out the house so no one could see me in that state. If I was to do any physical activity, I'd get short of breath and I'd get this chest tightening effect.

So I went to see the doc about it and he referred me to the hospital for a chest x-ray. They found nothing! He knew of my other symptoms; coughing, stuffy nose and eyes streaming and said it could indicate GERD and told me to take some tablets to see if the symptoms would go away. It didn't help at all. I went to see the doc again and basically, he told me it's all in my head. So I did nothing about it and suffered in silence. One day, someone comes to see to the leaky celling in our house. and we get told its asbestos and we have to move out for work to be carried out

Now I'm really worried and I don't want to see my old GP. I have no idea what the next step should be. I've done the worst thing and researched asbestos and its affects. Now I'm really panicking. I rather have GERD.
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