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Do I have asthma?

I am 51. female, very physically fit.  I have never smoked.  For a year now I have had episodes which start with a cough, usually in the evening.  Then I get short-of-breath, have wheezing esp. on expiration.  I had allergy testing done and have some allergies and chronic sinusiits.  Finally ENT sent me to pulmonolgist.  Pulmonary function tests were normal but she thinks I have asthma.  I am on Xopenex inhaler and Quvar inhaler.  Recently having more attacks and having to use the Xopenx more so she ordered antibiotic and 1 week of predinose.  She wants to do a high resolution CT of the chest and methocholine test but it is very exspensive so I am trying the conservative approach first.  Do you think I have been misdiagnosed?  I am so healthy otherwise and don't smoke.  But my dad and brother have never smoked and 1 now has severe asthma and 1 has COPD!
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1) a parent or sibling with asthma greatly increases your riisk of having/developing asthma at some point in your life.  So asthma is possible.

2) I would definitely try to avoid the CT scn if you can.  Radiation exposure that could be avoided.  

3)  I haven't heard of the methocholine test being expensive, but it might be.  That is the standard for a very firm asthma diagnosis.  It very well could be worth it.  The exception to that might be if you show improvement with treatment using asthma meds.  

I believe that with your personal histroy with allergies and a family history of asthma, your chance of actually having asthma are pretty good.  

The problem with PFT is that they do only show what is going on the with the lungs the day the test is done.  

I hope you get accurate answers soon.
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Thank you for the feedback
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