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Do u think its infection or another chest problem??... PLEASE x

Hiya, i've asked these questions a few times and haven't got any a clues yet, so i tought i would have another go,

Yet again i've a bad does any-one know what it could be or why I get these checst crackles / rales the only other symptoms i get are, shortness of breath and a sore sometimes raw feeling chest, No temp?

the crackles normally last about 3 weeks, u can hear them with or without the stethoscope in my left lung, they are worse when i lie on my back or on my left hand side.

i experienced palpitations just before i got my bad chest, i'm not sure if that helps?

I take Ventolin and alupent although they don't effect the crackles it does make my chest feel looser? Anti- biotics don't do a thing? last time the doc put me on predisolone for a week.  I can see the same thing happening this time

I'm 28 stopped smoking two years ago,

Any-one have any ideas as it doesn't sound like pneumonia or bronchitis to me, and i dont think the doctor is sure either as he keeps treating me for infection, but i'm near sure there is no infection there??

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