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Early Emphysema or connective tissue related?

I would like another opinion on these pft's that I had done this year. Had them run due to flare up of heart and lung problems with PVC's , dizziness, edema after exercies in ankles, shortness of breath (even sitting sometimes),irregular heartbeat.Had a cold also with cough and bronchitis that lasted a month. Shortness of breath continued afterward  so had a echocardiogram showing borderline pulmonary hypertension RVSP of 28-32. Right ventricular regurgitation, . I have had a diagnosis of mixed connective tissue disease with high antibody of SM-RNP but pulmonlogist believes this is more connected with early emphysema with past smoking history. I quit 8 years ago with 25pk history before that. I am 52 yr. old woman who is active when not having problems. DOn't know what to think from these PFT's. Could you give your opinion. My pulse oximeter is 98% to 100% most of the time.
FVC 4.19  116%
FEV1 3.19 112%
FEV1/FVC   76%    95%Pred
FEF 25% 6.68  127%Pred
FEF 25-75%2.63   96%

SVC   4.46    134%
IC   2.43     106%
ERV  2.03     195%
RV   1.27     68%
RV/TLC  22      62%
DLCO  21.51    84%
DL/VA 3.65  74%

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If you want a response, you have to post a new question on a new thread.  It does sound like other causes for your shortness of breath should be explored.  Heart problems can cause breathlessness.  Gastric reflux can be another cause of breathlessness.  Your physicians can provide you with other possible causes and help you figure out which one(s) are relevant to YOU.
Good luck!
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Thankyou for your response. Should I investigate heart related problems when having serious shortness of breath? I really was short of breath. Even at sitting or resting I was short of breath. Makes me feel like I couldn't eat, was really dizzy, edema in ankles with exercise. Since the echo showed borderline pulmonary hypertension , could this be causing my symptoms?
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These are excellent, for the most part, high normal pulmonary function test results, indicative of neither significant obstructive lung disease, such as emphysema; nor restrictive lung disease, as can be seen with mixed connective tissue disease.  Only the borderline DLCO and DL/VA might be indicators of very slight, clinically insignificant emphysema due to smoking and/or lung involvement with the connective tissue disease.  These results, including your high normal oxygen saturation, strongly suggest that your shortness of breath is not on the basis of lung disease.
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