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Excess Mucus - fed up!

I have the "excess phlegm in the throat" problem that so many people talk about.  It's all over any internet medical site.  It's not coming from my sinuses.  Usually it's really thick and incredibly hard to cough out.  Occasionally though, it's a little more thin and that's when I start to inhale it and things get *really* interesting.

I am starting to get ticked off.  The same things are said every. single. time.

I've been down the allergy road - it's not allergies, per three different ENT's.  We went through the antihistamine/inhaler/nasal spray/saline rise every day thing anyway, just to be sure.  Twice.  No improvement whatsoever.

I've been down the infection road - including the CT scans.  One doc had me take a round of massive antibiotics anyway, just in case.

I've been down the reflux road - I had freakin' SURGERY for it (Nissen Fundo.)  Cured the GERD/LERD - but the mucus was back within hours of surgery.  The 'wrap' was tight enough for me to have trouble swallowing for a year and I lost 30 pounds.  Since I wasn't overweight to begin with, it wasn't pretty.  So, I've had an esophageal valve that has been both completely open and completely closed with no difference in the throat clearing.

It's NOT allergies.
It's NOT a sinus infection.
(I'm also Professionally Certified "Not a nut-job.")

I've never smoked or had asthma, I'm young and in good health otherwise. It's not intermittent - it's there all the time, with no exceptions.  It's been going on for a couple years and it does not appear to be getting worse, at least.    

Somebody, some doctor somewhere, PLEASE don't give me the canned answers.  There has to be something else - some other reason why large amounts of mucus just pop a beer and hang out in my throat all day and all night.  
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Okay...not a crack pot idea but have you ever tried to look at what you drink? Somethings can cause this excessive mucus build up such as soda or milk. You could also try a honey lemon hot tea this may help. I am by no means a doctor but would love to try to help. Let me know the outcome of everything and keep me posted.
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Hi Helpless,

I read your post and I too have had the "excess phlegm in the back of my
throat".......Doctors ran tests on me and they always came back negative...I did ask my docs to do mouth swabs and test my mouth and they refused telling me that it might be anxiety attacks and all in my head.  I then went to an asian M.D. who is a respiratory specialist and also a holistic believer.  He performed a blood culture, a stool sample test and some other tests............He found out that I had a really bad Yeast Infection also known as Thrush..caused by the Candida bacteria...it was in my mouth, throat, and down into my esophafus.....he immediately had me taking nystatin an anti-fungal medication along with a strick diet of  organic cranberry juice (drink 8 onces 3 times a day)  crushed garlic eat 2 teaspoons once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed.  I had to control or eliminate anything that had yeast out of my diet such as bread, crackers and anything made with flour and yeast for 2 months.  My sinuses and post nasal drip cleared and my throat was clear of that lump in my throat feeling I've had for a long time.  I tested the diet and one day I ate some regular bread and crackers.  The next day the lump in my throat and the nasal drip was beginning to build up when I immediately got the garlic and ate it along with some cranberry juice.  Another product which can eliminate this yeast type of infection also known as thrush or candida is Calendula extract and Spilanthes Usnea you can get these online on Amazon.com or straight from the company called HerbPharm.com.

I hope this has helped someone out there suffering like I did.

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The only two remote possibilities I could add is insulin resistance, which I doubt in your case, and one guy on the ENT forum mentioned that the problem can be caused by high-tech toothpastes and mouthwashes which have been developed in recent years.
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I just came across my copy of Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady.  The post by thecentury21guy may be, surprisingly, of help.  If you follow the anti-Phlegm diet in the Hadady book (you can get the herbs at Ng Fong Hung on Bellaire Blvd west of US 59) it will possibly get rid of all of your phlegm for as long as you can stand it, until you go break down and go get a cheeseburger and fries.  But it may give you some insights
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