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Fear lung fibrosis

This a new one for me.. I'm 23 and do suffer from health anxiety, and it was much better lately until now, that I really fear, I have lung fibrosis coming up.

I've been obsessing a bit about my breath. I breath faster than normal, think it might be chronic hyperventilation. My nail beds are alway blue-purple, not a nice pink color. And I've been coughing, especially after a meal, for about 6 months.
I don't feel like I have shortness of breath, but I do exhale very fast.

Family and friends pointed these things out for me, and it really trigged my anxiety.
Also because, I justed to sleep in a room with a cat and often smell from the litter box. About 5-6 years up until 7 years ago.

I struggle a bit myoclonic jerks as well, neuro says they're benign.
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Have you had a chance to discuss your breathing concerns with a medical professional? It is possible that anxiety is causing you to concentrate on your breathing, and to hyperventilate.  The concerning phenomenon is your nail bed color, which can be a sign of cyanosis (a lack of oxygen) or abnormal hemoglobin: https://www.healthline.com/health/blue-fingernails

As you can see, fibrosis is NOT the only potential cause, and self-diagnosis is rarely accurate.  I hope you can speak to a physician - it may be anxiety, but you may also have a condition that can be alleviated by medication.

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