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Fiberglass Inhalation Problems - How to flush it out

Our office building had fiberglass insulation recently installed by mistake by the duct work. I was having many symptoms that increased in number and severity over the last several weeks including itchy red eyes with blurring at night and discharge and sticking in morning. I also noticed was getting ill often like low grade flu, and when reclining in a gravity chair and taking deep breath I would hear a noise like a snorkel with some water that got down, sounded exactly like that. Dry, very dry throat, mouth and extreme thirst and if I talked more than for about ten minutes my voice would start going out. I ignored these was a little afraid of going to doctor. Now after sever week, I have ringing in my ears, have had severe headaches that aren't migraines, red bumps on my fingers that are swollen and itch like crazy. Last night I decided maybe a cold shower would help, and had noticed my feet were cold and itching, my toes were very red, blotchy with rash and swollen! I never get rashes or skin problems except acne when young. Now I'm scared after HR sent the note about insulation because all these symptoms not make sense.
My question, after all that babble, is it possible it damaged my body? And, how can I flush the stuff from my system. Based on other employees complaints and my noticing these things before knowing of the insulation problem- I'm convinced it was probably the insulation but some are saying it wouldn't affect me that way and I'm over reacting - not a big deal. My ears are still ringing after being out of the office for two days, and some pimples went away but some worse. Thanks, an anxious itchy person.
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Hi! Sorry to hear that you too have had your life destroyed. I'm 37. You?
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