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Fiberglass Inhalation

I was working with Fiberglass insulation while remodeling a basement and started wheezing and coughing and had to stop.

Over the next couple of days I would sometimes wake up with shortness of breath but nothing to panic about. I would just focus on catching my breath and within about 10 minutes I would be fine. I went running the day after the initial inhalation and noticed that my airways were extremely restricted but not enough to stop me. After I was done my workout I was very hoarse and had more trouble than normal in regaining my breath.

So I rested for about 4 or 5 days and was breathing normally and fine. I decided to go running again last night (about a week after initial inhalation.) I noticed constriction after running about a mile and a half and could barely keep my breathing under control by the end of the run. I powered through even though at times I felt like I was drowning.

I coughed for about an hour after this and saw some green mucus, but a very small, amount in the shower. The rest of the night I was wheezing...it felt as if someone had ran a rake over my brochial tubes. The next morning, I was wheezing slightly however I felt as if I had smoked two packs of cigarettes in an hour.

My question is, Obviously I have irritated and inflamed brochial tubes and airways, but I'm wondering how long it might take them to repair themselves and how would I know when I'm able to excercise my lungs without tearing up my airways? Does fiberglass eventually work itself out of your system and how should I excercise? I have no history of asthma and in very good respiratory shape before this. Non-smoker.

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I was exposed to fiberglass as well. I inhaled it and since then I have been sensitive to smoke and car fumes. I also keep feeling like something is stuck in my throat and have throat pain as well as trouble breathing.  I feel the restriction in my chest when i walk, like a tightness. It get worse when it rains. I went to a pulmonologist who is now refering me to a cardiologist. I wanted to know if you got any help. I couldnt find any test that would show fiberglass.
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