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Fibrosis Questions (Pt 2)

Thanks for your previous reply, I sincerly appreciate it. You informed me that my chest xray' are not typical of Pul Fibrosis. I was worried that the scarring or bibasilar atelectasis had slightly increased, therefore seeming like Pul Fibrosis. What are the typical xray findings of this disease?  Does it normally start in the lung bases? I worked in a factory for 10 years was was around grinding dust and metal dust. I also breed parrots for a few years. In addition I have had pneumonia serval times throughout my life. I dont have a appt. with a Pulmonigists until 6 weeks and really worry about a terminal lung disease. Since I quit smoking, I have started running 2 miles every other day to strenghten my lungs. Even though I am breathing hard after the 2 miles, I am not without breathe. I know that no one can quarentee that I dont have IPF, additional reasurrance is always nice. Thanks again for your help!
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"Linear densities" on a chest x-ray are usually seen with scarring or atelectasis rather than pulmonary fibrosis.  This scarring is often the result of prior infections.  This could be from the pneumonias that you have had in the past.  The x-ray changes seen with pulmonary fibrosis generally start at the lung bases.  However these tend to be curvilinear or reticulo-nodular that is net-like.  They become cystic in the later stages.

Anyone who can run 2 miles does not have a "terminal lung disease."
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Sorry, forgot to add that I also have allergies to Bird Feathers but currently keep them as pets. Could this be bad? I have read things about scarring = Pul Fibrosis and  Pul Fibrosis = base of lungs and linearin shape. I didnt see any thing about "honey-combing" on my xray but sometimes it cant be seen without CT Scans? Sorry for all the questions! I suppose I would like to know the reason that you dont think it would be this. What else could the xray's and PFT's mean?
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