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Flu like symptoms 6+ months

I am including this in a couple of forums for the sake of coverage. Over the past 6 months I haven't gone more than a couple of days without severe coughing and headaches. I also seem to alternate between a constantly running nose where I'll literally cough out liquid mucus in clear streams to the opposite where my nose, chest and throat seem blocked by green/brown mucus that is literally as thick as sludge.

I've never had anything like this before and I just can't shift it. 6 months ago I made a big life change occupation wise when I started a placement in a nursery to train as an early years practitioner (basically a carer for babies/toddlers). No one around me has been sick at all, neither the children nor the staff. I'm starting to wonder if I've started coming into contact with something that I'm massively allergic to, but what? Children? Truth be told I've actually worked with kids for years but only relatively recently made the switch to very very young children/babies.

In terms of working life I work 2 jobs 09:00-14:15 (my nursery which is unpaid) and 15:00-18:00 (working in an afterschool club as a playworker). So all in all I pull 10 hour days, about 50 hours a week and walk about 8 miles a day to and from and between jobs and home. Perhaps this will sound tough to some people but it's honestly nothing in comparison to my old work in the care sector where I would regularly pull 90 hour weeks and I was honestly never unwell, tired sure, but I really never got sick. I don't think I'm over worked but something is making me seriously sick.
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