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Flying with Bronchiactisis

My husband is 64 and in otherwise good health, but suffers from Bronchiactisis...he uses 2 leters of oxygen at night, but does not need it during the day unless we go to 4000 feet or more.  We are trying to plan a trip to Germany to see our neice and can't seem to get a good understanding of flying that distance...will he need 02 on the plane?  Thanks.
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Since your husband uses 2 liters of oxygen when he is at 4000 feet or more, he will need oxygen on the plane.  A plane is pressurized to the same as 7,000 to 9,000 feet in altitude.  When you make your reservations inform the airline(s) of your husband
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I think planes are usually pressurized to 8,000 ft altitude, so sounds like he would need auxiliary oxygen. Ask his doctor for advice. Here's a link for Lufthansa:
"Passengers with breathing problems

If you wish, we can provide you with a supplementary oxygen supply on board. Please request this when you make your reservation. You will be billed with the costs incurred after your journey. "

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