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Foul Odor Coming from my Nose , Throat & Mouth ? WHY ? HELP??

I have been having this very FOUL odor coming from my nose , throat and mouth. This has been going on for more than 2 months maybe more than 6. It's as if I have bad breath when I don't. The smell is for sure in my throat and nose. Even when my mouth is closed , people can smell my odor because it comes out of my nose. I am so depressed about this because I spent countless nights googling what it can be . I WANT T DIE because of this. I spent over 400 dollars on products such as TheraBreath, Saline Nasal Spray , Vitamins, Raw Honey ( claiming to eliminate odor) , I drink tea , I changed my diet , EVERYTHING and nothing helps. When I brush my teeth , it still never feels as if Im fresh. My self esteem is low as ever although I used to be a happy out going girl. I want to cry as I'm writing this because I hate going to school because of this problem. People are always coughing when they smell my odor. I'm not a dirty person at all so I know its not my hyigene. The smell is in my throat , nose and mouth. Is it an infection? has this happened to anyone? what can cure this? I have a feeling that bacteria is trapped in my throat and nose . PLEASE SOMEONE TALK TO ME ! AND TELL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR KNOW WHATS GOING ON. I WENT TO TWO ENTS DCOTORS , ONE DIDNT CARE REALLY , JUST GAVE ME A NASAL SPRAY AND THE SECOND ONE GAVE ME AMOXILLCIN  875MG , IM ALMOST DONE ..DOWN TO ONE PILL AND IT DIDNT HELP ME ONE BIT ! WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!? I HEARD ERYTHROMYCIN CAN HELP THIS PROBLEM !! HELP ME PLEAE
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Hi, most bad breath (more than 90%)originates in the mouth:  around or between the teeth or as a coating on the tongue.  But some bad breath originates in the nose or throat and some even lower in the upper intestinal tract, including the stomach. The fact that you have bad odor from nose suggest that infection of the nose may be a source of the bad odor

You should begin with a thorough exam by your dentist and a program of regular teeth and tongue brushing.  Some dentists prefer a scraping stick for the tongue and these are sold over the counter.

Next, should be an examination of your nose and surrounding tissues, looking particularly for signs of infection.  Such infection can sometimes be treated with surface antibiotics, placed directly in the nose.

There is a widely sold product called, Probiotic chewing gum that is said to reduce bad breath and would be worth a try. Regards.
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Hello i cant stand the smell n taste in my nose and mouth every time i beathe i smell poop when i blow nose i wanna gag i have sinus infection 2 weeks took 5day coarse zythromax now 2 tabs 4times daily 600mg for 1 week i also have 2 teeth badly infected im sooo embarrassed of smells muscus is clumps andsticky
Howdo i get rid of this deathly smell asap
I am going through this exact issue. Everything you have written, fits my exact problem. I have noticed it since I was in about 9th grade and I'm now 28. I also have tried Therabreath, antibacterial nose sprays, etc and nothing works. I have been less social bc of this issue and people say I've changed, I don't talk anymore etc. If you find a solution I would love to know!
same here..hopefully someone who has knowledge about this will be able to read this and help us, its not easy to live having this i don't know what to call it, its not easy to bare discomfort like this not only to us but also to others..the thing is this, it is beating me mentally and emotionally..I'm really hurting..
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