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Generalized Itching & Extreme Fatigue (High Eosinophil Count)

Hello, my name is Shawn and I’m a 26 year old male. I have had generalized itching from my waist up to my scalp, oftentimes keeping me awake at night. It gets worse in the late afternoon and evenings. Oftentimes, it feels as it there are mites or insects crawling randomly around my skin, and sometimes in a repeated fashion in the same location, but never below my waistline. In addition, I have severe bouts of extreme fatigue every day, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. During these moments, I feel extremely weak and heavy and must lay down and rest. My eyes feel tired and my body just feels like it’s shutting down, even in the middle of the morning or afternoon. It comes randomly and has been getting worse this week, scaring me very much.

In addition, I have recently been suffering from acid reflux and gastric problems, and have been treated for possible parasites with Albendazole a few weeks ago, which had no effect. I have been taking 2 150mg doses of Zantac per day ever since to keep my acid reflux under control, but am still suffering from poor digestion and chronic constipation.

I’ve had a series of CBC blood tests, liver and kidney function tests, and they all came back normal except for a VERY high eosinophil count (a “12,” said my doc). This is what made him think I had parasites, but wouldn’t the Albendazole have killed them off if that was the case? He eventually sent me to a gastroenterologist, who thought I had eosinophilic esophagitis, since food occasionally gets caught in my esophagus and takes 15-20 minutes to drop down into my stomach (dysphagea), and I also went to an allergist, where I found out I was very allergic to grass pollen and molds after an array of skin pricks. Living in Oregon, there is a TON of both everywhere, especially this time of year.

Do you think it’s most likely that my high eosinophil counts are due to parasites, allergies, or perhaps something like possible Candida/fungal infections, thyroid/adrenal/thymus issues, or something different? My father has hypothyroidism, if that makes a stronger case for it... Thank you for your help!
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It could be environmental allergies..do some research about the aerial spraying they are doing, it is making many sick with similar symptoms you describe ..look up ..'What in The world are they Spraying'
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I have the same problem. Please somebody HELP!! Itching is everywhere from past 3 months now. it comes and goes without permanent rash. Just when I itch there are small pimples formed but then later they disappear. Please help!! Any help would do. I have been on Allegra and Zental for 2 months now, it barely helps.
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I am almost 34 but i am a female. Same exact thing but my esinophil count is 14.
I feel sick everyday with extreme fayigue.
We are running test for parasites right now. What did they find out with you??
I live in OR also.
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It looks like chronic fungal infection. Start drinking Pau 'Darco tea, you should get relief in a few days. You may also consider taking Neem oil mixed with Coconut oil (3-4 drops mixed with 1 table spoon organic coconut oil) and Apple Cider Vinegar. good luck!

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.. Continued from previous post:
Strongly recommend to immediately stop sugar and sugar containing items, all forms of carbs, gluten, meat, dairy etc. You need to consume more the raw green foods like salads, sprouted stuff.
Taking lemon mixed with baking soda (no sugar) in frequent small quantities will also kill fungus in esophagus.
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I live in southern Oregon and I was just told my number is 12  I am going to try the remedies in the next comment (Pau 'Darco tea You may also consider taking Neem oil mixed with Coconut oil (3-4 drops mixed with 1 table spoon organic coconut oil) and Apple Cider Vinegar. good luck!)
I do think the spraying is part of it, who knows what s in that stuff.
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This is my problem too!  For two years I've had high eosinophils and terrible itching.... everywhere (except mucus membranes).  Been to Mayo Clinic, many dermatologists and doctors.... no one can figure it out.  Finally, I think I've come up with the answer and am just about to drive 3 hours to a Dr. who I think can help.  In my instance, I've narrowed it down to my teeth!  Well, one tooth in particular, my ROOT CANAL tooth.  I believe it's got a serious infection and the infection has leaked throughout my body.  So, going to have it taken out and see if, after a month or so, I get better.  PLEASE think about what types of teeth / tooth issues you may have.  Will post again after the tooth has been out for a month.  Oh, if your wondering why I didn't think of this earlier it's because when they do a root canal they take out the nerve, so you cannot feel stuff like this.  Nice, huh?
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Did taking the tooth out work?  I have the exact same symptoms and the medical profession can't find anything wrong. The only marker is high eosinophil count. I have two root canals that have caused me issues in the past. Also the symptoms go for a few months when on antibiotics so I'm asssing it's bacterial. The itching is getting worse every months. Mainly contained to the waist up.
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I had full knee replacement in August it's now January and I itch all over my body with red spots from chin to my feet the itching is worse at night my Eosinophil count is raised I have one crystal in kidney and a very large stone in gallbladder going for more blood work to see if my COPD or Asthma could be the culprit. Itching for five months is driving me crazy
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I have suffered from similar symptoms in addition to other issues and it took years until I was finally diagnosed with Churg–Strauss
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