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Globus Hystericus & PND relief

[Part II]

Things I plan to try:

I did internet research on three herbal formulas said to be effective in treating globus hystericus, and have ordered one made in Oslo Norway.  Unfortunately it takes about four weeks to get here, so I don't yet have it and have not had the opportunity to try it.

Oil of oregano..... recommended by a poster here named Billy1026 who referenced the lump in the throat thing too and said it helped her.

Accupuncture:  I spoke to a local accupuncturist today and they said they can absolutely help with this condition.  I figure what have I got to lose??  I'm desperate enough to try ANYTHING at this point, and I have known many who have had good results using accupuncture for various ailments.

I might add at this juncture that I had to have a badly infected appendix removed on July 6th of 2008, after which I had some strange and unusual complications, THOUGHT, but not proven, to be related.  What happened was my face.. mainly the right side, swelled up and was painful.  I thought at first it might be a tooth, but the pain was not in the tooth, but more in the jaw bone and below the ear.  Nurse Practitioner determined I had infection in lymph nodes on that side of the face, ear, and sinuses.  She prescribed a course of anti-biotics.  I was on them for five days, and no measurable relief.  She ordered another round.  Same thing.... it seemed to START to improve, but as soon as I got off the antibiotic, it came back.  I then sought assistance from another doctor, who, hearing my history, prescribed "the big guns" of the antibiotic army, which I dutifully took for seven days.  He found an calcium encapsulated abcess in my cheek, near the salivary gland opening.  The new and stronger antibiotic helped much more than the other, but did not fully resolve it, so I was referred to an ENT.  He examined me, ordered up an MRI to elminate the possibility of anything more serious going on, and it came up clear.  He then said it looked better to him at that stage and suggested we continue to allow it to resolve on its own.  He said, however, that conditions with salivary glands, can flair up again, and if it did, I would have to come back for a treatment that uses a tiny endoscope to go in and clear out the salivery gland duct.  I never had to go back for that, but I still suffer from occasional "odd" feeling under the ear on that side of face... like pressure.... which is made better by gentld rubbing or slight pressure on the area.  Then OTHER side of my mouth began bothering me.  It actually seemed to be the sort of throbbing pain you get from a toothache, but after a couple of days, it went away.  My gut sense is that it was not a tooth-caused problem, but a DIFFERENT problem that made my teeth ache......!  When I saw my dentist some weeks after for a routine cleaning and exam, they found nothing amiss.  That pain (accompanied by a sensitivity to heat and cold in the area) still plagues me from time to time, but to a much lessor degree.  I ordered and began using a tooth paste and mouth wash known to aid in sensitive teeth, and it seems to help. The reason my NP thought this was all related to the appendicitis is that it was very, very badly infected, bordering on gangrene.  It had not ruptured, but the surgeon said it was probably within an hour of doing so when they took it out.  My NP thought since the lymph system's job is to carry infection out of the body, perhaps the level and degree of infection being spread throughout my body by that badly infected organ was too much for and overwhelmed my lymph system, causing the infection to settle in the glands of the face (same side as appendix, remember... right side) and spread to ears, sinus, even salivary gland duct.
Whether any of this is related to what I'm experiencing now with the post nasal drip and the glubus hystericus I don't know.  I confess at this stage I'm not sure of anything!  I just know I don't want to have the allergist ... whom I am supposed to see today at noon for a follow-up... keep me on the nasal steroids if they are not truly helping.  I also do not want to be referred to the EMT for more expensive and invasive tests that are likely to end with him saying, "Well, we've eliminated all other causative factors.... by process of elimination, my diagnosis is Globus Hystericus, for which there is no medical treatment known to be effective", at which point I'll be back to square one.

I can't keep taking Zanax to ward off these panic attacks.  Eventually it will become ineffective, and as it's a narcotic and considered to be both habit forming and tolerence producing (i.e., you need more and more of the drug to achieve the same effects), so doctors rarely prescribe it for more than eight weeks.  

My ultimate fear is to wind up without relief for the symptoms of the lump in the throat (which gets some better, but never completely goes away, and which at times is awful!) AND flipping out with panic attacks at the same time!!!
If that occurs I will truly go mad.  I have had a major loss this year (my precious mother last December), am now facing the possible loss of my father as well, and have an old and infirm dog that is like a child to me whose condition is going steadily downhill as well.  Emotions make the Globus Hystericus worse, so I'm walking on very thin ice here.

My hopes at this stage rest on the three remdies/treatments I've yet to try...... the oregano oil, the herbal formula ordered from Norway, and the accupuncturist, who feels confident he can help me.  

I just want to say to all of you out there suffering this (or similar) condition(s), you are in my thoughts and prayers!

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