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Gurgling sounds

I had bronchitis about 2 years ago which has left me with the following systems:
A gurgling sentation when taking a deep breath in when lying down on my back for awhile.It is worse at night and in the morning.The sensation isnt thro my chest but my back.When i get up i also feel the same sensation,but after a few breaths it goes away once i move around abit.I now sleep on my side as i feel uncomfortable,like a heavy weight is on my chest,and i cant get enough air in..that may be stress.I have had so many xrays of my chest & lungs and they are normal....any ideas????
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You could be overstressed but that would not cause gurgling sensations.  Although you feel it in your back, it may be coming from your lungs.  This raises the question of a problem in your lungs due to the bronchitis you had 2 years ago, such as bronchiectasis.

It could also be coming from fluid in your esophagus, where it doesn
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Thanks for the repy i will look into it thanks again
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When my son was about 1 month and a 1/2 he came down with RSV he had to be hospitalized for a week.  They said that after his bout with RSV he would for a couple of month have some wheezing.  Well he is a week shy of turning 1 and he is still wheezing.  He was been to 2 specialist and back and forward to the ER and his PCP getting checked, tested and follow ups.  One test did show that he has Acid Refulx and that can cause his wheezing, however he still has the wheezing even when he hasn't eaten or drank anything.  His PCP thought at first that he had Asthma, but has ruled that out now.  He's been put on Flovent and Abuterol inhalers and Abuterol using a Nebulizor (I think that's spelled right).  He was on Prevacid (for refulx) Singular and also a type of Steroid.  The only thing that actual helped with his wheezing was the Abuterol.  About 3 days ago he caught a cold from on of his cousins and I had to take him to the ER yesterday because his wheezing got worse and he had a really bad cough.  I had tried giving him cold medicine and decongestants medicine, didn't work.  The Abuterol didn't help either.  We sat in the ER of the Children's Hospital for 5 hours and they gave him 2 10min breathing treatments and I hour long, plus gave him steriods to help with the inflammation.  Nothing work.  The doctor that was attending to him came to me after trying what she said was all that she knew to try and said she was stumped because she didn't know why the treatments and medicine wasn't working.  She talked to the hospitals doctor that is head of Pulmonolgy to see what he had to say, he said they see cases like my son all the time especially after his bout with RSV.  The said that after having RSV he would have prelonged I guess you would say bouts with Inflammation of his respitory.  The head of Pulmonology decided to put him on Orapred to see if that would help reduce and or get rid of the inflammation.  He's been taking it for 2 days (once drop of 6ml each day) and even though it may be early he isn't getting better.  They did chest X-rays and said they found nothing at all everything looked fine, so I guess it wasn't RSV again.  I just want to know if anyone can help me understand what might be going on with my child and if they know where I can go or who to call that can help him?
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