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Had Lung CT show small mass in left lung

I'm a 28 year old female in pretty good health.  I suffered a lot of respiratory ailments when I was younger (a lot of bronchitis, pneumonia, infections) but for the past 7-8 years I only get sick about 2 times a year.  Last month I started to have sharp pains under my left side of my rib cage, and after getting a chest x-ray the doctor said I had pneumonia.  I did a stint of antibiotics and felt better, but then when I did a follow up x-ray they found a 3.5cm spot on my lung that was there before but hadn't gone away (no change though).  
I had a CT scan done this week and the scan confirmed a small mass in my lung and now I have an appointment with the pulmonologist on Friday.  Should I be worried that she hasn't given me a definite idea of what it could be?  Should I be worried that the CT scan didn't give a definite idea of what it is? I am really scared right now that it is serious, but am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't.  What could it be?  When I breathe it feels like there is fluid or something on that area because it kind of feels a little gurgley with each breath.  I don't feel sick though.  No lathergy, no cough, no chest pain or shortness of breath.  That is why I'm worried, can anyone shed some light?  Could it still just be a stubborn case of pneumonia?  I'm kind of freaking out here.
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It could be a lung abscess. I had something similar a few years back - was diagnosed with pnemonia, it seemed to clear up with antibiotics, but after a few months symptoms returned. The infections and bacteria that invade a cavity in the lung may need stronger or different types of drugs to fully eradicate. At least in my case, that was the case. Eventually the infection was cleared but the abscess left a cavity in my lung that has yet to close up. I'm old it may never completely go away, but at least the infection is now gone.

Good luck, and don't worry too much about things you don't know yet or can't control. You're on the right track - your pulmonary doctor will be able to quickly diagnose and you'll be better soon!
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Just had my pulmonary doctor's appointment today.  She had suggested that it could be an abscess, keeping my fingers crossed.  She ordered a PET scan and a possible biopsy as well.  This is getting me a little worried...
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