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Hard time breathing!

hello i am a 16 year old female.....
when i lay down i get a tight heavy feeling in my chest and it gets difficult to breath and then i keep feeling like i have to cough really bad but it doesnt come up till i sit up and then i have to use my inhaler ( i have had asthma all my life) and then i just cough alot afterwords..also both ears might be infected they hurt alot and cant stand loud noise or water or wind and i have a swollen throat and tonsils and lymp nodes under my jaw
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Hi, looks like you have a throat infection and this can sometimes aggravate symptoms asthma. The symptoms described could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and  (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain. If you develop a fever, or if there is enlargement of the tonsils with pain or if there is white coating on the tonsils, you will need to consult your primary care physician for a strep test, which if positive you will be given antibiotics. You will also need adjustment of inhaler dosages. Regards.
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