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Help! Shrotness of breath especially when standing or walking

Hello everybody. I came back here to this website needing some help of Shortness of Breath. It has been about 2 wks since my symptoms started. It started out just like fatigue when I talked for a long time in conversation during my teachings but then its gotten worse. When I walk or talk a lot I feel like I am carrying cobblestones in my chest and its heavy and hard to breath. When I sit down or lye in a certain position i'm ok and no shortness of breath. I thought some mucinex med or Tylenol Sinus/Congestion might help to get whatever is stuck in my lungs to go out be there is nothing expelled even with adequate fluid intake. I try to cough when I get short of breath in thought of maybe it might help loosen whats in my chest but my cough has weird patterns of regular and then deep wheeze. I don't have asthma, I am atheletic, weight of 109, in my 20's, and try to eat as healthy as I can in my hectic schedule. I honestly don't want to waste my time and just go to the doctor again and hear only get some rest because it's really not helping. Is this something serious I should take or is there something I can take to help with my symptoms? Thanks to anybody who responds.
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I'm sorry but this got sent here and was intended to go to the expert activity for doctors to answers. Still an answer would be nice from anyone...
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My husband had the same symptoms and was diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm.  He underwent a whole battery of tests but the one that confirmed the paralyzed diaphragm was a sniff test.  Very simple cat scan.  Check with your doctor and please let me know.  We are still looking for a solution and would be interested in hearing others with the same problem.
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