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Help for Globus Hystericus & PND

[Part 1]

Greetings fellow sufferers,

This is certainly a club none of us ever wanted to join!! :(

I suffer from a constant lump in my throat, which is believed to be a condition known as Globus Hystericus.  I've surffered from it to some degree for years and years, and many years back an ENT stated he thought that was the cause of my symptoms, so I'm thinking it likely still is.  Sure there are all kinds of invasive, expensive, and scary tests you can do to eliminate other causations, but from what I've been reading here and heard from others, most are to no avail, do not accurately identify the problem, and leave the patient in the same bad shape they were in before seeking treatment!  The condition Globus Hystericus IS emotionally and psychologically driven, but the symptoms are physical and very, very real.  It's horrible!  Sometimes it feels so "full" and so close up to the back of my mouth and behind/below the nose that I start to fear I won't be able to swallow or breath!  In gneral I have not trouble actually doing so, but I FEAR it!  Stress, anxiety, grief, and depression make it worse, and of course IT induces all of those, so the problem becomes cyclical :(  Apparenlty my condition is complicated and effected by several other factors.  

1) Allergy induced mild form of asthma

2) Allergy sensitvity to 12 environmental substances known to cause post nasal drip.

3) A hiatal hernia that sometimes produces acid reflux.  Had times in my life where it was bad enough to take Nexium to control, but I have not been bothered by it to any degree in recent months/years.

4) Anxiety disorder and full blown panic attacks, totally uncontrollable and horrific to experience, causing un-named terror, dread, and an impending sense of doom, as well as physical symptoms of racing heart, pumping adrenalin, and feeling like you're going to jump out of your skin!  Holding this at bay presently with .50 mg of Zanax taken every six hours as needed.  Some days I must take three.... others I can get by with two.

I have tried:

Nasal irrigation with saline

Nasal irrigation with a product called alcolol (NOT alcohol...... alcolol!)

Nasonex nasal steroid spray (been on a once daily dose for a little over two weeks at this point... some small improvement, but not substantial)

Over-the-counter antihystimines.  VERY BAD REACTION!!!!!!!  Jacked me up and brought on full blown panic attack for which I had to go to an emergency care clinic (it was on a weekend day) to seek help.  This particular antihistimine was  one I'd taken in the past Chlorphenamirine Maleate, or commonly called Allergy Pills) and actually had some success with... it even helped me sleep!... and it is not supposed to cause hyper-activity, but for me it did.  I will NEVER try another antihistimine...!

Over-the-counter decongestent Sudafed.  Not much help and had some of the same effects with jacking me up as the antihistimine.  

(continue to part II)
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