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Help with chronic throat congestion

I have had chronic throat congestion for almost 2 years now.  I have had a scope through nose and cat scan to rule out no damage that would be keeping this in my throat.  I have taken med give by MD as well as allergy meds OTC.  I need help..  What can I do?  I am wheezing.  
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It could be silent reflux. Silent reflux is an acid reflux you don’t feel but it creates a buildup of mucus in your throat by keeping it  from draining down your esophagus. I might try talking with a GI doctor. Or maybe try an OTC acid reflux medicine like Omeprazole.
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That is what the pulmonologist told me to take along with the mussinex dm.  It is helping a lot.  Thank you for your input. Does anyone know if you have to have a tube inserted down your throat for a sniff test ??  
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I am new at this. Have had coughing and feeling like my throat has a clot of mucus that I cannot swallow or spit up for a couple of years. Drs thought allergies. I had uterine cancer and chemo later and then most problems thought to be chemo related. I was a very healthy active 70 year old then that’s when it all started. Now and then I would gag and it would come up. Now very short of breath and no energy at all.  Also still coughing and voice going. Very hoarse and could hardly talk.  A pulmonologist suggested to try acid reflux medication and musinex DM to see what happens. Acid reflux can cause so many more problems than we know especially combined with mucus. Within 4 days my coughing  was 75% better and voice also. Still having breathing difficulties and having sniff test tomorrow. Hope this helps someone.
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I do not get on here much.. However when one gets cold chill it starts a cough; when one gets overheated it caused a cough; especially as we get older. I have learnt also; with diabetes/an or hypoglycemia; the sugar level high or low; will make one cough. BAlance sugar best can it ceases. Also allergies will make one get congested as well; an a cough at times.  An of course COLDS of illness makes one cough. Check to see if you are diabetic; or some type of diabetic; if so balance sugar best you can. If on copd meds, if you never seen allergist do so. They had me on COPD meds, Singulair, an BEnadryl for 10 years; an they never sent me to an allergist. When i finally was sent to one by new dr years later, he was peed off no one sent me to an allergist; whom specializes in allergies, an CoPD/breathing issues. HE tested me on breathing tests; treadmill; an ran 25 prick test. He said i had no COPD; an yanked me off the 3 meds after 10 years.  HE stated i had histamine intolerance disease; an the 3 meds for 10 years should have done killed me. HE stated that they were adding Histamine to  my body; that my levels was highest he had ever seen in a human which  lived.  IF you have allergies, stay on your meds daily; do not take them now an then. IF have Histamine Intolerance Disease, especially stay on allergy meds daily ! An Zyrtec/off brand Cetirizine, is the only meds over counter; which does not feed you histamine to cure you. They say 1 in 4 million get Histamine Intolerance Disease; i think that more get it than they know. MY Dr seen 8 with it, in 100 mile radius of mid Alabama. So odds are, more that 1 in 4 mil getting it. When congested do not drink milk, or orange juice(or other thick juices); it makes the mucus thicker. Drink lots of Water ! IF have Histamine issues; you are eating foods, drinking beverages; an even using products which are feeding you Histamine(pollen). Histamine is a chemical imbalance/slas allergy issue. MEaning even pollen based chemical effect you; as well as foods, beverages; an plants.  IF things bother your nose, or makes you itch after eat or drinking.. then ya have allergies via them ! Write down a list of when eat an drink; meds take.. What were you doing when you started itching? or Coughing?  MY 2 top problems are BLEACH, PINE-SOL, AMMONIA ( things with ammonia in them: Windex Glass Cleaner, other glass cleaners, febreze an other types air fresheners, scented candles (not natural ones like lemon, orange, vanilla. Some like Cedar, Sandalwood bother me, wisteria.. etc.), WD 40 an petroleum; as well as gas smells bother me.  Etc etc etc..  Know boy in bubble/John Travolta movie.. Mines nto that bad; btu i cannto be around a lot of public for what they wear on them; or what stores clean with, or have in them. Fertilizers i cannot smell. MAke list; keep up with it; talk to ya doctor.  MEdications can trigger Allergies too; they also made from plants of pollen. NO way to omit stuff in world; you have to knwo what triggers are; an stay from them best you can. Esecially eat low pollinated foods. MAY God help you; figure out what is going on with your health. Amen.
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That sounds terrible.  If you are wheezing, have they looked into asthma?  Bronchial asthma?  https://www.webmd.com/asthma/guide/bronchial-asthma#1  Perhaps an inhaler would help you. Has anyone suggested a neti pot? They can be helpful at clearing phlegm as can gargling salt water (which I personally can't do as it makes me gag). I'm also wondering about food allergies.  Ever looked into that?
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I have had an inhaler, 2 one for COPD and another steroid.  I have recently started using neti pot.  Other than a pulmonologist, I do not know what to do.
Have you looked into keeping a food journal to see if that is at all related?  Milk is well known for this, for example.  Have they tested you for that?  https://lunginstitute.com/blog/21-foods-trigger-mucus-production-21-foods-reduce/
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