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Help with name of possible respiratory issue

I am writing this for my cousin, and the information she gave me which is seemingly not very helpful, but here goes:
She has had a problem with a constant dry cough (usually, sometimes she coughs up phegm), it gets worse at night or if she has been exercising, for about 7 years now.  Since she was 10.
She has done everything to try to figure out what is wrong.  Allergy tests, crazy diets, different puffers, medications, testing for GERD etc.  Nothing has helped, even though she has been very vigiliant in her attempts.
Her doctor recently gave her a chest x ray (I dont know why it took so long etc) but he said they "found something" in the x ray and now she has to go to a specialist.  
I asked her what they doctor said it could be and she said the doctor said "cystic fibrosis, or something that starts with R and ends in disease"  The doctor also said he doesnt think its cystic fibrosis.  She also said that it does not begin with Respiratory, bc that was my first question.  I really want to find it out, just so I have an idea of what it could be.  Here are the some respiratory disease I found and ran past my cousin and she said it wasn't it:

- rhabadomyomatous dysplasia
-rice millers syndrome
-recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
- anything that starts with Rhino
-retropharyngeal abscess

sorry for the long post, and ANY HELP WOULD BE SO APPRECIATED.Thanks!
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He might of just said restrictive lung disease, or shortened it and said restrictive disease. That's a category or in some cases a category of a category of conditions that cause the lungs not to expand to their full potential but it's not a disease itself. I can testify that cxr's aren't specific enough to name a specific disease without further evaluation. Hope this helps some, take care.

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