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Help with severe chronic runny nose, ear pain, numbness in face.

I have been trying to deal with a chronic runny nose with post nasal drip for over 2 years.  The problem is it is getting continually worse and now I have a chronic bad smell in my nose and a very salty/metallic taste, continuous pain in my ears and my face and teeth are also numb. Mostly what I am constantly blowing out is like clear jello, although at times if I bend over clear fluid runs out like water. I perceive most of this on the left although the ear pain and facial numbness is bilateral. I should also mention that I was hit in the face with a pretty large tree branch (knocked out momentarily) before this all started.  At the time it left a pretty big bruise and my left cheek feels tender still and my nose is always wet, literally blowing my nose every 3 to 5 minutes (a lot of mucus) I have been to the ENT and the problem is that they don’t take this seriously. I on the other hand equate this with being tortured, I don’t think water boarding could be worse at this point. Does anyone have any thoughts? I have been living with this constantly for well over 2 years now and I’m running out of the will to live. Please help if possible.
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