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Hiatus Hernia

Hi Guys
           Im new on here. Just been doing some reading up on everyone, because I needed to know if anyone else was feeling what I feel. And sure enough, it is being shared!

I have been made to feel like an idiot so many times, going to the Docs, and telling them I feel like im losing my breath, but im sure it comes from the stomach. They look at me like im nuts. But I know im not.

There is nothing WORSE than getting up from the table, or reaching up into the cupboard, and suddenly feeling so breathless, you think your gonna stop breathing or pass out.
I have had chronic indigestion ever since I had a nervous breakdown, way back in 86, when I was 22.
Panic attacks have haunted me ever since, along with acid reflux and palpitations.
But in the last couple of years, the breathing* has really scared me.

Im a singer/songwriter. The first time my breath went, i was recording a song. I really thought I was going to faint.
Luckily i didnt. But I have never recorded a song since! (psychological), but hard as the breathing problem has got worse and worse.

I have had traces done on my heart, and tests on my lungs. All clear.
But every day I wake up feeling like Ive just eaten a huge dinner, and trapped food/gas/wind, whatever you wanna call it, is gurgling around in the solar plexus, and making me feel breathless even before I get out of bed.

I have tried different diets, medication, and exercises. Now, I DARENT exercise, because I get so out of breath, the palpitations just wont calm down.

Seems the symptoms I am getting, are exactly as ppl are getting with a Hyatus Hernia.
I had an Endoscopy in 2004, which showed inflammation of the lining in the stomach. But... I wasnt told WHY i had the inflammation! I guess they choose to omit the facts that matter to us the most. "It could be anything caused it" was the only answer I could muster up from the Doc.

It has got to the point now, where it has completely overtaken my life, and I darent go anywhere, or do anything.
After reading this, i feel that my problem is possibly down to a HH too.

Yes, i suffer with acute panic attacks. That stems to when I was a kid, and Dad use to hit on Mum. They say if you are suffering with panic as a child, it can come back and bite you in later years. It sure did..

BUT.... All these years and knowledge later (i could be a councellor for panic attacks, with everything i know, but cant heal myself, crazy eh), I KNOW that the panic attacks are NOT responsible for the breathlessness.
THAT is DEFINITELY coming from the stomach. The gurgling just before the breath loss tells me so. And the burning and reflux. If i get to do a HUGE DEEP burp, then it really does help for a while. But when I eat, off it goes again.
Or.. when i dont eat, whichever, i still get the symptoms. If i havent eaten for a whole day, and go to bed with a COMPLETELY empty tummy, i STILL wake up full of acid burning, and gurgling. Then the stomach goes into spasm, and hey presto, off goes the breathlessness again.

I have recently turned my head towards Alterative Therapy. I went to see Mr Jan De Vries on Tuesday of this week.
He knew exactly of my symptoms, and said that he would sort it.
He put his hands on my stomach, told me to breathe out, and hold it. Whilst doing so, he pushed his fingers into my stomach, and then pushed up, and let go very quickly.
Right away, something felt very different. Like my stomach was twice the size! weird after so long. Anyway, he said that my "gullet was overlapping". I have to go back and see him in London on the 15th September, and he also gave me CENTAURIUM herbal remedy for acid reflux, and YARROW. Along with JAN DE VRIES EMERGENCY ESSENCE for the Anxiety. I havent started these yet. Wanted to see how the stomach twisting had gone first!

I came out of there feeling very thankful indeed. I walked a mile back to the train station at Baker Street London, and didnt feel breathless. I cam home and had a meal, and didnt feel breathless. I went on my computer for the evening, sending my friends emails, and saying how well i was feeling....

Two hours later, and I was up all night with the same problems all over again! In fact, it was the worst night I have had in a LONG time. And even now, (Thursday), im still full of gurgling, breathlessness, and acid reflux.
Maybe the gullet is swollen a little from the manipulation? Who can tell, only time.
But I cant go on like this. If it doesnt get better by the end of the week, I will probably start the herbal remedies and try that. But in the meantime, I am DEFINITELY going to seek help with a Gastroenterologist, because I cant go on like this. I too, really feel that it is a Hyatus Hernia doing this. And something needs to be done.
Im sure the doctors themselves, that just turn us away on a daily basis, wouldnt STAND the symptoms. And certainly wouldnt class themselves as nuts..

Great to meet you all. Sorry about the book! Lol.. I had to get it all out...


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