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High ASO Titer

My 5 and 9 year old adopted sons(they are not blood related) have had an ASO Titer test done and they are both  high. The 5 year old is 415 and I am not for sure about the 9 year old I was just told to find a Pediatric Infectious Disease Doctor.  The 5 year old has Bipolar and ADHD.  The 9 year old is ADHD and OCD. Both are VERY impulsive.  The 5 year old is impulsive and hurts people and the 9 year old is HYPER and will take,grab or get anything HE WANTS or will not stop talking until he has said what he wants to say!

I have been told by an RN that worked in a Behavior Center that they test all the kids when they are admitted because the Dr there said if the ASO Titer was high that it meant it was high in the brain and  causes impulsivity  and they treat it with Amox. for 6 months or until the numbers come down.

Something else I have started to put together is that they do have a lot of Strep Throats, Sore throats, Sinus problems year round.  I just had my 9 year old tested for allergies and they can't find anything that he has a problem with.  He feels so bad all the time with having to blow his nose and sneezing.

I guess I am asking have you heard of this before and could it all be related?

Thanks, tinamommyx15

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A significantly high ESO titter can be present for a long time without symptoms. It is not necessarily strept throat related.
I developed a cellulitis that grew out Staph A and Strep A.
I saw a infectious disease specialist when home and was tested. My titter was high.
I had to take high dose bicillin injections for 14 mo before I had a normal ESO titer.
I had 3 septic episodes during that time.
And PS....my tonsils and adenoids have been out since age 17. I am 48.
Left untreated, a high titter can cause serious complications. Get a second opinion. Even a third. Trust me, proactive questions are far better than the later.
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