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How bad is pneumonia risk from near exposure?

So last night i'm visited my friend at hospital. She's at later stage (stadium 4) of breast cancer. I sit about 1 meter from her. She continuosly coughing. When i arrived at home, i become so worry as i read that she maybe have pneumonia. Please note that i have 4 months baby at home. So, my question is, should i worry about the exposure? Thank you for the response.
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So, in all honesty, she is much more likely to get sick from you with her weakened immune system than you from her.  Just coughing is not mean you would get pneumonia.  When did the cough start?  There is also an incubation period if you had viral pneumonia (the kind you catch). Bacterial pneumonia (the more dangerous one) you get as an infection after being sick before hand with a virus like a cold.  It's a secondary infection to that.  
Hospitals are well known for being germy places.  It has been a couple of days.  How are you feeling now?
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And I do understand not wanting to get your infant sick!
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