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Husband has lung nodules, shoulder pain, now groin & foot pain. NEED IDEAS PLEASE

I had all info typed out, but it exceeded characters. I thought detailed info would be helpful. Will explain more when someone answers, if needed. About my husband: 61 yr. active male. ER 2/2/14 for chest tightness/severe shoulder pain. Found 2.5cm mass on thyroid (still functioning fine), many spots in lower lobes of lungs that did not show on x-ray, was on CT scan. Treating as pneumonia. Pain is worse and spreading now from shoulders to swollen pockets over metacarpals on hands, groin pain like a pulled muscle, and foot pain over talar dome without swelling, just pain. No injuries or known cause for all pain. It's severe debilitating pain in shoulders and groin. No chest pain now. Had kidney pain, sciatic nerve, and hip pain with 2 episodes of tight chest the past 5 months that I feel is related. Hospital thinks shoulder and groin pain is separate. I don't believe that.  My concern was pancoast tumor, but doc said spots r n lower lobes ...& supposedly a lot of them. (size not known to us) History of enlarged prostate, high BP controlled w/meds, High cholesterol-controlled w/meds. Heart checked out fine at hospital. He is active and never been in hospital before or needed pain meds. He is in severe pain and needs them now. Cannot see pulmonologist for 2 weeks.  Need opinion on what to think could cause all of this. Hospital and PCP didn't want to believe it was related. I don't buy that. PLEASE, someone give me your opinion on what you THINK it could possibly be, so I can mention it to Doctor for him to check out. I'm scared. He never lets anything get him down ...until now. He's miserable at night when everything is so much worse. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. I'm getting desperate to help him.
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I am so sorry to learn of your husband’s pain and I hope that the cause may be treatable/relievable.  My first thought was that he might have a Pancoast tumor and it is good that that diagnosis has been ruled-out.  

You have provided a lot of good information but did not indicate if the thyroid mass was benign or malignant.  If either the thyroid mass or the “lung spots were found to be cancer, it is possible that his pain could be a reflection of what are called paraneoplastic syndromes.  You might want to clarify these points with his doctors and consultation with an Oncologist might be helpful.

Other possibilities to account for his widespread pain could include a multisystem disease secondary to inflammation of his arteries (polyarteritis) or a primary disease of the spinal cord.  This is speculation on my part and I suspect these have been considered by your husband’s doctors.  

I assume his being “miserable at night” is secondary to pain.  In that case I suggest that you confirm with his doctors if everything that might be done for pain relief is being done  In that same vein, it is good to know that their are physician specialists who specialize in pain relief, whatever the cause and consultation with such a specialist could potentially have significant benefit.

Good luck
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I wanted to add that this severe mystery pain in his shoulders moves back and forth between shoulders and back and forth in each hand. It renders his arm almost useless. As one shoulder is starting to feel better, he can feel it coming on in the other shoulder. The groin pain feels more like a pulled muscle. He has endured pain from the oversized prostate years ago and this is nothing like that. He feels like his body is attacking itself. It's so sad to watch him suffer so much. I haven't been able to get him to go back to the ER, but I believe he's about to give in and go back if we cannot get a doctor to see him sooner than 2 weeks. What scares me most is the Hospital doc said he could not rule out cancer, but wanted to believe it is pneumonia and treat for that first. If it was pneumonia, I feel positive that is not all that is going on in his lungs. Also, he was exposed unknowingly to asbestos on a job in the 80's ...I believe for a couple of months. Also, he has always worked on old rental properties built in the 50's - 70's most of his life and I'm sure he has been exposed there. I thought this may be important info. I look forward to your answer and I will be very grateful for it.
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In case I get an answer, here is a new update: Pain is now in his left forearm as if it is lactic acid build up, as well as in his left abdomen in a small vertical area as if it is a pulled muscle. Abdomen only lasted a few hours, but he is having to put heat and ice on his forearm due to the pain. I don't understand all of these bizarre symptoms! I called his PCP and he is of no help. He said he had a thorough workup at the hospital and he didn't see anything he could do!! really?? All these symptoms mean nothing that have started since leaving the hospital? This is how people die. His theory is my husband never smoked, so he will be fine! I'm livid. It's like I'm fighting the world to get help for my husband. What has happened to our doctors? I thought they were there to help us when we need help. My husband will not let me take him back to the ER yet. I have begged, but he's afraid it is going to break us and they still won't help him! This is really sad. I need some ideas of what I should have someone look for when I can finally get him in to a doctor that may possibly care about human life. PLEASE. If this seems like an emergency, I need to know that too. PLEASE.

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