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Hypertonic Saline Treatment for Asthma???

I participated in an asthma study today that involved nebulizing hypertonic saline at 3%, 4%, and 5% for seven minutes in length through an ultrasonic nebulizer. Prior to using the hypertonic saline I did a pretreatment of albuterol. After nebulizing each dose I was asked to clear the sputum from my lungs.  Now I feel great. I have never breathed as deeply or as well as I have this afternoon and tonight. I'm almost sad to go to sleep because I know when I wake up I will not feel this good. I have never in my life felt this good. It not only helped my breathing but it seems to have decreased my nasal allergy issues.

What I'm wondering is if hypertonic saline has ever been used in conjunction with regular asthma treatment. I am currently maxed out on allergy drugs (20 mg/day of Zyrtec, Rhinocort 2x/twice daily, Patanol 2x/day) and asthma drugs (10 mg of singulair, albuterol nebulized most days, Advair 500/50 2xday, 1 puff/twice daily of Flovent) without being on prednisone.  Clearly we don't want to add prednisone.  As a researcher (though not in a medical field), I did attempt to look studies showing some positive correlation between using hypertonic saline and a decrease in asthma symptoms but can find none. Is this a viable option? If so, would my pulmonologist have heard of this treatment?
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Wow, you sound like my sister except the fact that she's on steroids and oxygen too. Is it possible for you to tell me who conducted this study so that I can perhaps put her in touch with them. The two of you are on many of the same medications.

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It's connected to EPA studies. I'm pretty sure they are centered only in NC, however. Make sure your sister has been tested for everything including complement disorders, hyperIgE, cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency syndromes, etc. How old is your sister?
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50...I'll be sure to pass on the information and thanks bunches...
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That is interesting that docs are using HS (hypertonic saline) for people with asthma. I do know that it is used alot with those who have CF (cystic fibrosis) to help break up the mucous better...I used it for a short period and also felt that it helped (I have atypical CF) clear my mucous. Another med that is being considered for moderate to severe asthma that is used fairly routinely in CF folks is Zithromax or azithromycin on a long term basis. It is an antibiotic, in the macrolide class. It is used to help with inflammation of the lungs, also is beneficial for the chronic infections that CF'ers commonly have. Since starting the Zithromax nearly two years ago, I have found that my asthmatic component is much better with fewer exacerbations. I am on Flovent, Flonase, Singulair, Zyrtec, Xopenex, Pulmozyme (breaks down the mucous...actually works on the DNA of mucous) on a daily basis for my lungs along with the Zithromax and it all seems to help.

I know that with HS, the lungs might get more twitchy or bronchospastic, I used Xopenex before I used it when I was on that drug because it is an irritant designed to break down the mucous. If a person has severe asthma, that might be a problems.


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Have you kept doing these treatments with this study? If so, how did it work out for you? I have a 4 year old that gets asthma symptoms when having a common cold, lately he has been getting sick & vomiting just about every abuterol treatment, in my opinion does Jack ****.

I had the idea of using a kind of saline in his nebulizer & I found your post, thanks for posting.
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Can you give more information about your current HS treatment. I have a eight year old son who has asthma. I don't like him being on steroid and anti-histamine regularly. Your information is very help, please give more instruction.
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