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I Have a chronic cough for 20 years, FRUSTRATED

About 20 years ago I started having coughing spells.....and I'm still having them.  I've seen every type of doctor, (respiratory, ENT, gastrologist, psychiatrists, etc)  and tried every med more than once and have had every test more then once, Nothing helps, and theirs no answers as to why I'm coughing.....A couple of doctors even told me, "this is something I just have to learn to live with"...so I've tried.   But every now and then I feel like reaching out for help again.  SO.....can someone help me....

Usually I feel a sensation (tickling) my right ear, then right away in the right side upper inside of my nose.  Its like a full sensation, then I get a coughing spell because I feel a tickling in my upper throat.  I cough really hard and really loud and the cough is like a spasm that last for 2 minutes or so.  Sometimes it feels like someone has put a tongue depressant stick in my throat.  Usually I cough up clear mucus but if I have any food in my stomach its hard to keep it down.  A lot of times I feel like I'm going to pass out when I'm in the middle of the coughing spell, because things turn gray and I feel so week.  Then just as fast as the spell came on me it leaves.  Until about 30 or so minutes later than the whole thing starts again.  The cough comes on all of a sudden, so I could be talking and feel fine, like nothings wrong than I get that sensation and the process starts then as soon as it's over I feel fine again, like nothing never happened.

The weirdest thing is that sometimes I wake up to find that the coughing has left.....and I might not cough for a month or so, then just as strange as it left for no reason it's back again for a month or so, then its gone again.   I don't change my diet or start using a different soap or detergent.  Their is no change at all in my routine....it just comes and goes for no reason at all.

Is anyone else out their experiencing something like this or am I the only one in the entire world.
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Hmmm... you know could be very simple... a impinged nerves for example.   Have you had a full spinal survey mri and xray? Particularly of C and T spine?
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I never, ever heard of that.....I will ask my doctor to start the process to look into that.  It will be somethin I never looked into before.  Thanks so much for you suggestion.
Check this out... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4222929/
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Hi and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  This has to be so frustrating to have no answers. This seems like an obvious one and forgive me if it has been ruled out but what about asthma?  It often doesn't start until later (past childhood) for many people and can have spurts of activity as you describe.  https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-topics/asthma

Has this been ruled out for you?
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Well, in the first ten years I was tested about 3 times, but not lately.  I really had stopped thinking that it might be asthma, but I will ask my doctor if we could look into that again.

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