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I feel like I'm being ignored and looked at like I'm stupid

I have lived in a house for 11 years that has had elevated formaldehyde levels, and normally a house that had been lived for 11 years would have had time to off gas and would be ok by now, but this was one of the fema trailers and they were made with super insulated walls and really poor ventilation so the formaldehyde levels are still pretty high, depending on how hot it is it ranges between 6 and .87 it doesn't help that my air conditioner broke so the house has to have window units in most of the windows and it's still not cooled as much as it should/could be since heat makes formaldehyde levels higher.  I quit smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago and even then I only smoked a pack a week, it was not very much at all, but since I quit smoking, i thought my breathing would begin to get better, and it has gotten so much worse that I can't makes the bed without getting really out of breath.  A few years ago, my hair had fallen out and I wasn't sure why, so i started trying to stay in the house and avoided people, then i gained weight so it only got worse.  I have gotten so isolated that i only had to wear a mask like 5 or 6 times at the most during the mask mandates for the pandemic, so when I leave the house i get very anxious, and my heart rate is elevated.  Yesterday i went to the pulmonologist and the nurse listens to my heart and she tells me that when your heart rate is elevated your blood doesnt circulate all the way through the body and you cant breathe right, so i explained to her that its normally not that high because my anxiety was caused by being out of the house but most of the time, when I am expericing the breathlessness that i was there to get help for i was at home by myself, and I just wasn't used to being away from home.  so the doctor comes in and i tell him about the formaldehyde levels and I tell him that my ribs have beem hurting on and off for the last several months in the same spot and that it doesn't happen alot but sometimes my nose starts bleeding out of nowhere and that i cant do anything because just walking back and forth across my trailer house 2 times will make me run out of breath, i have to stop and take breaks when I'm making my bed to catch my breath. and then I show him photos with some of the levels of the formaldehyde in my home and he says to me, "you bought a formaldehyde tester" and i was like yes i needed to know if it was in my house because i quit smoking and my breathing wasn't getting any better so when i found out about the potential that there was formaldehyde in my home i wanted to know.  He goes on to tell me that he doesn't think that i have any damage from formaldehyde that he doesn't think that is the problem, he thinks I've got agoraphobia, which is a fear of leaving the house but "to be fair to me" he said he would order some testing to be done for me because "it didn't hurt to check." so he ordered me a pulmonary function test an x ray and some other test i had never heard of before.

I'm struggling to understand how he came to this conclusion.  I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm not saying that I am convinced i have some horrible lung disease, I'm just not sure how a fear of leaving the house would be more likely to cause me to run out of breath while I'm at home by myself making my bed, or how it would make my nose bleed or my ribs hurt as opposed to the formaldehyde levels in my home being slightly elevated that day.  I know that there's a lot of symptoms that are caused by formaldehyde that will go away when you get out of whatever environment you were in that  you were being exposed to it, so it might make sense that if I was away from my home and had been for about an hour that maybe he wouldn't be able to hear anything wrong with my breathing but for him say that my symptoms were all caused by a fear of leaving the house really doesn't make any sense to me.

I feel like he wasn't listening to me at all and i feel like he already decided from the minute that ix had walked in his office what my diagnosis was going to be. It feels like he was looking at me like i was stupid.   I walked away from that appointment feeling so bad about myself, as i do almost every time I have gone to any kind of appointment or spoken to a doctor by myself. i don't even want to go get any testing done because i don't want to be made to feel like that for trying to get help again.  

What do you think? Am i right for feeling like I wasn't taken seriously yesterday? do you agree with what the doctor said? does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid being treated like i'm stupid and being ingored and brushed asied when i go to a doctors appointment? should i even go get the tests the ordered for me
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