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I inhaled Fiberglass Insulation -- Please Help!

I am an extremely healthy male, 29, vegetarian, cardio twice or more per week, nonsmoker then

I inhaled a pretty large dose of fiberglass insulation while working on a house and the insulation fell on my face and caught me by surprise.  The insulation was fairly loose and free because it had been exposed to water because the roof was leaking.  It was yellow with paper backing.

This happened in late January 2005 and I am still having inflammation of the lungs, shortness of breath, hacking cough (barking), and constant mucuous, sore/dry throat.  The doctors I spoke to say it should pass but it of course has not.  I am now hypersensitive to cigarette smoke and exhaust from cars, etc.  Since exposure, I enter into cycles of inflammation for days, followed by days of mucuous congestion, culminated by off and on shortness of breath until the mucuous is hacked up.   I have spoken to doctors and they have run CT scans last month and found nothing except enlarged arteries.  This is my only exposure, I am not in any type of work that would expose me to anything on a long term basis.  I was remodeling my own house.

I am since pretty worried and not sure who to turn to for information / help and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I have tried to contact
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The CT scan does not rule out serious disease.  You need further evaluation.  You should have pulmonary function tests (PFTs) done.  PFTs are a variety of breathing tests that provide detailed information about how your lungs are working.  Since you are still having symptoms and you are now hypersensitive to cigarette smoke and exhaust from cars an oral steroid that lessen inflammation may be recommended to see if this helps.

It is reasonable to allow time for this to resolve.  However you may need further testing since it doesn
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Are you actually seeing a pulmonologist?  If you are, I really have no other advice, except maybe find another pulmonologist in the area for a second opinion.  If you are currently under the care of an Internist or GP, I'd say that is the problem.  I hope you get some relief soon!
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