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I only get cough while talking

I'm having chronic cough since few years now, I only get cough while talking & most of the time there is no cough if I'm silent. There is no cough while at sleep as well. Just after intake of the food I get cough for a minute or 2. And If I laugh alot even then I get severe.
there is no phlegm or mucus.also I have no problem with breathing

Pls advise how to get cure
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Do you have problems swallowing?
No, sir
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Hmm, how long has this been going on?
Since two years, no issues in summer. Problem in winter season.
I did exray, blood test and breathing test as per doctor adv results are normal
There was a weird case I saw with a man non stop coughing due to a spinal disc herniation pushing on a nerve causing the coughing.
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