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If you have fibrosis on your lungs, will it get worse no matter what?

My husband visited the er this weekend. He was told he had fibrosis on his lungs. He failed a pulmonary function test today. He is now being referred to a pulmonary specialist. He was told this is from working and breathing in with wood dust. My question is, Is this the same as Pulmonary Fibrosis? Will this get worse even if he stops working with the dust?
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Hi, as wood dust has caused the fibrosis, if he not exposed anymore the lungs will not be damaged further. But the damage which has already been done cannot be reversed.  The fibrosis will stay. He can however improve his lung functioning, of the healthy lungs by breathing exercises and he should avoid smoking to prevent further damage. Also, he should take precautions about lung infections and have them treated early. Regards.  
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