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Increasing frequency of wheeze and cough with breathing/sinus issues

Why do I have an increasingly bad wheeze and cough ?
by Sarajay01, 40 minutes
In May of 2015 I started to notice a very sporadic Wheeze that only occurred at night ( and by sporadic I mean maybe once every three to four weeks ). By July I was experiencing a swollen chest area in the middle and having difficulty breathing but was having my wedding and on my honey moon so did not get in to a Doctor until August . When I went in I was breathing very heavily with tightness throughout my chest and lungs, a dry cough that was almost nonstop ,a very bad wheeze, the cough would feel it was breaking up mucus only at night time but I never coughed anything up. At this time I was put on 3 different heavy antibiotics for a total of 5 weeks( told I had a bad respiratory infection) , sent for bloodwork and a heart eeg, sent for allergy testing and sent for a chest and sinus X-rays and given an inhaler to help with the wheezing( I cannot recall which kind it was). The chest X-ray came back clear but the sinus X-rays were "atrocious " which led to a referral for a ct scan. I  was also told I have acute sinusitis ( I was going through nearly two Kleenex boxes a week with all my nose blowing and constant nose tripping ) and was provided Flonase. The heart eeg came back abnormal so I did a second one with a similar result and was referred for a heart echo which came back normal.  After the 5 week antibiotic stints and using the Flonase for the prescribed 10'day period I did see some significant relief but sadly it's all slowly came back .

When the wheeze began last year it was very sporadic but as time has gone on it started becoming a daily occurrence but only nocturnally ( starting around 7 to 8 pm nightly ) and only occurred once to twice in those evenings. I went back to the doctor who then switched my inhaler to Turdoza Air. This one did absolutely nothing for me . I was also sent for a Lung pulmonary function test which also came back clear with a 98% lung function and no signs of Asthma and no difference to the asthma medicine they provide during the test. I returned to the doctor again to express how difficult this was becoming to live with and for a different option to the Tudorza Air inhaler . I was given my third inhaler of Ventolin. This one helped the wheeze attacks when I was experiencing them but again as the months Corinne the wheeze and coughing has just becoming more and more increasing . I now have these attacks at all times of day and night every single day. My biggest problem is I have become pregnant as of November so I had to cancel the ct scan , stop taking Flonase and don't feel i have many other options at this point and time . I have repeatedly spoke to my doctor about the increased need for my Ventolin inhaler ( sometimes taking it up 12 or more times a day now ) and continues to tell me this is fine . If this was not hard enough to deal with during these months my nose has become increasingly more swollen and plugged and I can almost NEVER breath through my nose so not only am I restricted in my breathing that way , my wheeze and cough makes it extremely difficult to breathe at all . I have researched as much as I can and am at a complete loss at to whAt is going on and how to find relief . I sleep with a humidifier , I try to do many different herbal/organic treatments like garlic and vitamin c , lemon and honey , I have used honey wraps on my chest , eucalyptus baths , Vicks vapor rubs etc . Nothing helps . I no longer feel tightness in my lungs or my chest , the only area I feel affected is the central airway, my throat is the only area that feels like it tightens when I have the wheezes . I notice cold air, exercise ,cold drinks make it worse . Lately now I cough and get more wheezy whenever I eat or get stressed. The Ventolin no longer feels like it takes the wheeze away completely , just makes it more bearable . Is there anyone who has any ideas what is going on with me ? I know this was a lot of information and some things may not be connected but I figure the more info the better ! Thank you for any input
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