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Interstitial markings on x-ray?

I recently went to the doctor during a bad viral infection which was not getting better.  He did a chest x-ray and told me I had pneumonia and that he would send my x rays to a radiologist for review (standard practice).  I took the antibiotics and felt better.  The Radiologist report came back reading as follows:  "Lungs demonstrate prominence of interstitial markings bilaterally.  This may be on the basis of chronic interstitial changes.  Please correlate for underlying interstitial lung disease. No findings of infiltrate or pleural effusion."

Needless to say I am very worried.  What does this mean?  My doctor sent me for a CT scan which I got this morning.  No results yet.  Any opinion apperciated!  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Interstitial markings can be seen in the lungs due to causes like recurrent lung infections and sometimes due to cancer of the lungs. Also chronic infections like tuberculosis, sarcoidosis and due to occupational lung diseases like silicosis, asbestosis etc, can cause these markings. Tuberculosis typically affects the upper lobes of the lungs and can produce typical imaging patterns. Correlation with symptoms, blood tests and skins tests may be needed for a diagnosis and therapy.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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My father is a suffering with heart problem. before one month he is doing a X-ray of chest which is referred by a heart specialist. When reports come I have seen in the reports that :
1. Both domes of diaphragm are normal in position and contour.
2. Both costophrenic angles are clear.
3. The cardiac size is within normal limits.
4. The hila and mediastinum are normal.
5. "Interstitial markings are prominent".***
6. Bony cage and soft tissue are unremarkable.

and impression is : " Rule out interstitial lung disease."

I am worried to see that report. Is he suffering from any major lung problem or any major lung disease???? Please any one help me out from this situation. Any opinion appreciated!
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