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Is brnochitis is T.B?

Is bronchitis is T.B? I have study a article in internet stating this fact please clear this to me.
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TB is an infectious disease that with very rare exception does not cause bronchitis.  TB involves the air spaces of the lung and can definitely drain into the bronchial tubes and be coughed up but it just passes through the bronchi and does not cause bronchitis.  Both bronchitis, whatever the cause, and pulmonary TB can result in a cough that produces excessive, often discolored, mucous. If you have any reason to suspect that you might have TB, for example a recently become positive TB skin test or known exposure to a person with active TB, you should definitely seek medical advice and, at a minimum, have a chest X-ray and sputum exam for TB performed.

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Simply put....NO. Bronchitis is merely the inflamation of the bronchus (airway tubes) in your lung. this can be cuased by allergens or the common cold. Tuberculosis is far more serious. Its a bacterial infection cause by mycobaterium. It's a necrotizing infection (tissue eating) that can not only wreak havock on your lung, but also your liver, kidneys, and intestines.
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