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Is there a such thing as 'temporary sleep apnea'?

Hello, I have a question ;c I originally wrote this on yahoo answers.

Im 16, almost 17, and the last 2-3 weeks when I fall asleep, it's like my breathing stops, and a few seconds later I wake up because of this. Also there was a few days when I catch my breath right when I cross over to sleep. I looked this up on Google, believe me I researched every single site on the first page, and Im positive I dont have obstructive sleep apnea, because I NEVER snore. But I could relate to central sleep apnea because it says that you stop breathing which prompts you to wake up. But it said that this was really rare, and it's weird because I dont have any problems/diseases anywhere else in my body.

I dont have a panic attack or anything when I wake up because I actually try to stay calm and my heartbeat is average speed when this happens. However it's scary to me, because helloo my breath stops. :(

So Im gonna elaborate.

This kind of thing happened to me last year also, I dont exactly remember WHY it happened or how, it lasted maybe a week or so, and eventually it went away!!

So when it happened again this year the past few months or so I guess I've been kind of down and lacked energy because of school and I've been kind of stressed out with social problems because Im an introvert, and I get this introverted anxiety.
And the last few months I guess I kind of ... forgot to intake more calories? I think my nutrition needs went down by a ton, but I still kept the breakfast/lunch/dinner meals, which my mom cooks. However I probably wasnt drinking enough water, and eating vegetables and fruits, and not enough vitamins and proteins.
(sorry I have to continue updating because the character count is too low)

And also, the past few months I kind of .... stayed up very late. Late like 2-3am late, sometimes even to 4-5, mostly on the weekends or when I have vacation. (I regret this so much now)

And to top it all, with all these low calorie intakes and staying up way too late, I have to walk home from school, and my road has hills and etc which probably burned more calories than I was intaking, which made everything even worse
So I think the reason why the breathing problems are happening to me is because I managed my life way too badly, and I regret it very much.

So I think that all this adds up to my body working harder and my blood isnt getting sent out to my body as smoothly which my why maybe my throat muscles are stopping when my brain falls to sleep. I hope it'll go away once I get my food intake and stress back together :(
But I'd like some opinions on this in case you've ever experienced or have knowledge or know of people who have experience things like this D:
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I consider myself very healthy, its just that in the past few months Ive been kind of down so maybe that's why Im having these sleep stops cause of stress
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