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Laryngospasm and flu

I recently had a bout with Influenza A (despite getting the flu vaccine) which was pretty severe; about the second or third day, I began having episodes of "choking" in which my throat suddenly closed up, keeping me from breathing in (at all, at first; then I could with stridor; it resolved after a minute or two). By researching on the internet, I determined this was laryngospasm or an involuntary sudden muscular contraction of the vocal chords. I read in one article that it could be related to the flu in that this virus can actually strip the outer tissues of the airway, making it sensitive? I haven't had this since then.
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It is unlikely that you have a significant long lasting problem with your airway if the symptoms have resolved.  It could have been exactly as you have described, laryngospasm as a result of the inflammation from the virus.
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