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Lingering Pneumonia

I was diagnosed with pneumonia on April 16.  Took a 10 day course of Biaxin, 30 days of singulair and a rescue inhaler and returned to doctor for follow up.  Chest x-ray showed no changes in pneumonia and doctor prescribed an 8 day course of Augmentin and ordered a CT scan of my lungs because he saw what appeared to be a right hilar mass.  CT scan showed no mass or adenopathy, bibasal atelectasis and severe fatty infiltration of the liver.  Saw him again this past Thursday and still showing pneumonia in right lung.  More antibiotics and he ordered a blood work up.  Have never had fever, have caughed up discolored sputum with occasional blood threaded through it, extremely run down and having chest pain.  Is a CT scan result of no mass reliable or can there be room for error?  
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