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Lite green phlegm

I have been splitting up lite green phlegm for the last two months. I was told by a non medical friend to not use any over the counter drugs because this might supress the secretions that need to come out naturally? Could he have a valid point of view and what do you recommend?

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Any green respiratory secretions can mean an infection. Do not suppress them, instead cough as often as you can. If you have not already, give your MD a call since this has not cleared up in 2 months. Are you a smoker? Have you recently had the flu, pneumonia?
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Hi, green mucus is usually associated with viral infections, generally, mucolytics along with antibiotics (to prevent bacterial superimposed infections) are prescribed. Try steam inhalation along with ambroxol and bronchodilator (terbutaline, salbutamol etc) to ease out coughing.

Better consult doctor to rule out bronchoconstriction. Prolonged cough should be investigated.
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