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Little chest pain all the time

Now a days I am feeling a little pain (coaches) from my right chest all the time, and also having problem with sputum.

I had the same problem before eight years , after the check up doctor said you have Phneumonia infection and took several medicine that days , after that I had undergone for bronchoscpy test then they suggested that I have infected TB  and took six months TB Tablets, then they said Ok

But now a days I feel the same thing in the same side, Before my mother had these problems  and finally they diagnosed that she'd  have "Fibrosing alveoletis "  unfortunately After one month she died .  

now I am having the same so will you please help me out to find what is the reason and the remedies  I am 30 years old and 6 feet with 85 KGs now    I am waiting a proper advice
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It is highly unlikely that you would have the fibrosing alveolitis that your mother had.  There is a very slight possibility that this could be a recurrence of the tuberculosis (TB).  To find out the reason for your chest pain a thorough physical exam needs to done and perhaps a chest x-ray.  Remedies can be suggested only after the nature of the problem that is causing your chest pain is known.  The sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you will have peace of mind.
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