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Loss of Smell (Anosmia)/Chronic PND

Has anyone had chronic PND with loss of smell?  Is there help for this????  I am desperate.  I have suffered with this for years.  I don't know exactly when my smell went completely, it was gradual.  I want so desperately for it to return. I have taken immunotherapy, MRI, CT scan, lots of antibiotics, prescription nose sprays, nasal wash, etc. to no avail.  I am currently taking antibiotics, prednisone, nasonex, atrovent, asteline, and nasal wash before the sprays (I have never taken all three before, but I thought it may be worth a try). Also, I am going for another CT scan this week. I also take a boat load of vitamins daily.  I walk three miles a day.  I do not smoke or drink.  I have also been avoiding dairy.  If any one has any help to offer, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I feel your desperation. I've recently gone through endoscopic sinus surgery to clear my ethmoid sinus and polyp removal. After the operation my sense of smell came back but has been intermittent. I use Nasonex and Astepro to prevent polyp formation and to ward off allergies. I also do the NeilMed nasal wash before the sprays. I go to a reputable ENT and he says I'm "all clear up there" and I should have my sense of smell, but I don't. It comes in short spurts. I've also taken Prednisone and it has helped but only temporarily. It doesn't make any sense unless there are new polyps that a CT scan hasn't seen. I've heard that a rigorous sweat helps a great deal, I stay in shape but will work extra hard to work up a hard sweat and see if that does anything. I feel your desperation and wish you all the best of luck for a swift and painless recovery!
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Thank you for your comments!  It is nice to have someone that  understands.  I hope you recover very quickly!  I will keep you posted on my progress.  I did smell very strong cigarette smoke today.  I guess this is something.  We do not smoke, a neighbor came in that does smoke  and I could smell smoke on his clothes.  I am not getting my hopes up just yet, but I was excited!  I did not smell the fresh baked cornbread I just made and this was a disappointment.  I'll take what I can get a this point.  
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