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Low oxygen sat level upon exertion & during sleep

What can be causing abnormally low oxygen saturation upon exertion (just walking up stairs) and 80-89% during sleep? Could it be a blocked aortic valve? Could it be a neurological? The following specialists & tests have been performed on my husband, who is continues to experience low oxygen sat levels during exertion and sleep:

X-rays: Chest, CT Chest, High Res CT Chest (all negative for ILD; some granulomatous found)
Labs: No HIV or Hepititas
Heart: NM Stress Test; multiples ECHOs, including bubble ECHO, 2 Cardiac Caths -- one to hopefully repair a hole, but hole not found for closure or big enough to cause symptoms; otherwise all negative. During cardio bubble ECHO blood pressure soared (190/100) and oxygen saturation plummeted.
Pulmonary: Breathing tests normal except for test where oxygen level does not get into lungs well enough -- moderately low level.

Seeing cardiologist & pulmonologist -- still no understanding of what is happening!! Husband is now on oxygen during exercise & at night. Any other ideas to follow up on????
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get tested for "farmer's lung" or Extrinsic allergic alveolitis.  My husband has this condition and is now on oxygen 24/7.  It is very difficult to accept the lack of ability to be active after farming all his life.  Was there a suggestion of lung transplant ?
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Get evaluated for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension by a pulmonologist who specializes in it.

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